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A Little About Senan Cattery.
Hello. My name is Nancy Sproelich. I am the owner of Senan Cattery. I raise and show Japanese Bobtail cats in both CFA and TICA. I really enjoy this breed, because they are so loveable and friendly. The Bobtails are very good house cats as well as show cats. One of my cats, JB, placed second in the Region and 18th Internationally the year he was shown.
Check out this photo of Dickens. He was a Supreme Grand Champion and both a Regional and International winner in TICA.
A Little About Japanese Bobtail Cats.
Here is a little information about this breed. They have a short tail which has a folded shape that makes the tail look even smaller. In some positions it may look similar to the powder puff, such as in rabbit tails... which explains its name: Bobtail. Another curious aspect is the fact that the back part of its body is taller, because the hind legs are longer. This detail makes the Bobtail inflect slightly his hind legs, in order to maintain the body level. It is, at the same time, thin and well muscled, and its head is triangular. The color which was most difficult to settle genetically, and the favorite with the Japanese, is the tricolor, called mi-ke: white, decorated with black and red patches which are well defined. There are other varieties, one known as tortoiseshell in black and red, or blue and cream and the bicolors black and white, red and white, blue and white or cream and white. There are cats with one color coat, which can be black, red, blue, cream, brown tabby, or solid white.

Contact Me:
To find out more about Japanese Bobtails, or if you are interested in getting a quality purebred kitten with a pedigree or a lovable more mature cat (only when available) you can e-mail me at:
or call me at 262-786-7522

I am in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

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